Laura Broussard

About Me

The only GroVia team member who telecommutes, (and, not coincidentally, the only one who doesn’t know how to ski), I am a resident of Lake Charles, Louisiana, where I was born and raised. My husband and I have four young children and enjoy our quiet neighborhood, which we share with lots of extended family! I’m an extrovert to the max and enjoy anything that gets me out of the house and into our community.

When At GroVia

I craft and curate all of GroVia’s written social media content. I also get to collaborate with Customer Service, Marketing, and Design to help make sure that GroVia’s Web presence is relevant, helpful, and fun! Lastly, I get to interact with our fans and customers—my favorite part!—across the platforms where GroVia has social media accounts.

When Not At GroVia

When I’m not working, I can be seen driving my mom-taxi to and from school, soccer, ballet, and catechism. I recently stepped down as volunteer coordinator of a support group for postpartum mothers, a circle of diverse women who still hold a huge chunk of my heart. Before the sounds of four little people took over my vehicle, I could be caught car-dancing to anything from Johnny Cash, to Gladys Knight, to Talib Kweli. At almost 30, I’m finally learning to cook. I love a good debate, but even more I love a good meal shared with all the people I love.

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